Morgan Feed Supplies

grain About us

Morgan Feed Supplies is a family owned and operated business, located within the heart of the Avon Valley in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia.

The business has grown from small beginnings – The Morgan family began creating their own high quality pellets to feed livestock on their farm in 2004.

In response to demand from other local farmers seeking a better quality feed the Morgan family began developing their pellet mill into a commercial enterprise in 2012 and it has continued to grow ever since. 


2017 marked the start of Morgan Feed Supplies diversification into mineral supplements with the company developing and supplying loose licks and feedlot concentrates to some of Western Australia’s larger pastoral and agricultural operations.

A block making press was installed in 2019 and Morgan Feed Supplies then began making a wide range of mineral blocks formulated for the needs of cattle, sheep and horses raised in Western Australia.

The Morgan Feed Supplies range continues to grow and includes an extensive range of feedlot concentrates, lick blocks and loose licks as well as bulk stock pellets for large pastoral stations, farmers and feed-lotters with 20kg bagged products available for purchase at both metro and rural retail stockists.
The pellet range includes both finisher and maintenance pellets for cattle and sheep; a high protein version for growing calves; products for horses, goats and alpacas. Don’t forget our Prime Milk Replacement Pellets for your calves and lambs that mum can’t feed.

The Morgan Feed Supplies milling plant is clean, busy and efficient and prides itself in turning fresh Wheatbelt grains and fodder into carefully formulated stock feed pellets.
The mill operates in accordance with the high standard required for accreditation under the independently audited FeedSafe quality assurance programme.


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